AsiaPay introduces the tap to pay acceptance with the launch of AppPay

by: Alecxa Cristobal

AsiaPay - AppPay

Smartphones have become the primary touchpoint for most modern business activities that replace less efficient traditional channels – smartphone penetrations have respectively reached 82% and 80% respectively for developed and developing countries, outweighed that of PCS by nearly 10%. the trend of smartphone integration will be no exception to payment of all sorts, together with the growing uptake of 5G and the post virus demand of contactless transaction, customers are more ready than ever to pay with smartphones.

The Overwhelming trend

1 Billion people are predicted use a mobile payment app worldwide in 2020. It is forecast that by 2023 this will grow to 1.31 billion people worldwide using mobile payments apps over a 6-month period. ------ Source from eMarketer

Consumers are driving the push toward contactless payment. They are looking for a quick way to get in and out of stores without exchanging cash, touching terminals, or anything else. Alone with the progress of the epidemic, under the circumstances, more consumers want to reduce physical contact as much as possible. The leading digital payment solutions provider and technology partner in Asia, AsiaPay is set up with the safest digital approach with the launch of AppPay to accept payments without risking customers' health safety and data privacy in every purchase.

Safety first: The frictionless choice

One of the leading trends pushed by the pandemic is going cashless as the default payment option. To stay ahead of the online-driven ecosystem, get digital and start future-proofing your business with the PayDollar AppPay payment solution for your customers to pay in a contact-free way anytime, anywhere.

As needed more than ever, we introduce the integrated payment solution AppPay powered by PayDollar that comes with multiple payment acceptance just on your mobile devices. By installing the application, you can generate the payment links or QR codes yourself, share them with your consumers, and get paid.

Mobile Advantage: More eWallets acceptance

AppPay Mobile Advantage

As there are ongoing changes in the market from the way we purchase down to the selected payment method, the PayDollar AppPay mobile payment application allows merchants to accept Alipay, WeChat Pay, and other local QR payments. Without extra hardware installation, a day-to-day transaction can do a great deal with your smartphone. On top of that, merchants can turn their smart devices into an integrated POS with AppPay in-app features.

Businesses enable to drive their sales and increase more revenue. You can minimize lost sales because of long queues and allow real-time payment transactions across many options.

Backed with Business-suited features

Here’s how AppPay features enable improved customer experience and meet the digital-savvy demand of competitive future businesses:

- Allows QR Payments Acceptance

Fully integrated with PayDollar payment gateway to accept QR code payments with merchant-presented mode & customer-presented mode.

- Sends in Payment Link / QR Code Sharing

Allows you to input the invoice no, payment amount, link expiry date and customized message to generate a link or QR code and share with consumers through email or instant messengers.

- Updates Payment Notifications

Allows your consumers to click on the payment links and they will be redirected to PayDollar payment page to proceed payment. Push notification will be sent after successful payment. You can check the payment status of all the generated payment links at the back end.

- Provides Payment History

Enables track record of all the transactions, including payment methods, channels, paid amount and transaction date.

- Accessible All-in-one Account

Allows local and overseas payments acceptance from different countries in one single account.

- Leads Direct Payment Link

Generate a link/QR code and send to your customer to collect the payment.

Third Payment Link

- Technical Support Any time now

Provides 7x24 local technical support across 14 operation offices in Asia.

PayDollar AppPay is a safe mobile app out there. There are lesser worries about digital payment fraud risk upon transaction. Customers’ transaction data are transmitted in encrypted format from the AppPay to the payment server.

Merchants can allow accessible payment options available today. We know that shoppers are on every mobile payment app and demand real-time payment transactions across many options. To keep up, AppPay offers different QR code payment options without device installation.

PayDollar AppPay only requires a minimal installation process. Merchants immediately download the application, simple to use with just a few taps, and start accepting customer payments.

Now you can download PayDollar AppPay from Google Play or App Store, or HUAWEI AppGallery.

AppPay QR Code

The Payment Technology built for the future

PayDollar believes in the significance of the market and its financial sector, the better for us to lead advanced payment alternatives. More businesses can step up their financial transactions with PayDollar’s leading payment solutions.

AppPay powered by PayDollar lets you connect with your digital customers more and accept digital payments fast by just installing the AppPay mobile app today.