Get Booked: 3 Ways to Survive Hospitality Crisis of Today

by: Alecxa Cristobal

Viruses wreak havoc not just a health crisis but also its crisis of the industry.

With COVID-19 proving to be an extended challenge, the travel industry continues to be severely affected. Hotels businesses are among the hardest hit and the fight to survive is ongoing. Without a doubt, the pandemic has shown us an unprecedented rising consumer demand for delivering better services in real-time.

To continue to thrive in these challenging times, here are a few ways on how to bounce back and ensure hospitality business survivability in the time of the pandemic.

-Organize urgent adjustments

Now that almost any business is shifting toward online-only, retailers must learn to make smart strategic decisions to market their platform. Online marketing would not only boost your property or hotel’s name but benefit your business productivity in the long run. Further, you can also improve your productivity by calculating your hotel performance metric and re-assessing your revenue post-pandemic.

-Searchable socmed handles and websites

In a time of crisis, there will be limited demand for hotel room bookings. But that doesn’t mean that bookers won’t search for hotels to stay in when travel bans were lifted. Make sure that you are visible in the online space by investing in search engine optimization. Guests that are looking you up on metasearch will probably book a room from you. Always get on the edge of the competition by being on top of the online search results.

-Optimize your digital booking and payments

The customer payment experience is vital in every guest booking transaction. That means upgrading to a safe and simplified payment processing is a powerful tool to keep your business alive amid crisis.

The strategic alliance of PayDollar and SiteMinder offers a smooth virtual payment solution to boost revenue further with ancillaries your guests will love. You can now streamline your payments process with a seamless payment gateway. Say goodbye to the tedious double-handling of guest payment details and automatically process payments safer and quicker.

You can accept your guests preferred payment methods and give guests the confidence to book with a step-by-step checkout experience. Offer customer in every completed booking transaction through a card standard payment authentication in one platform.

AsiaPay operates its platform, an EMVCo technical associate since 2018. We are one of the very few certified vendors with VISA. Mastercard, Amex, Discover/Diners, JCB, and CUP for issuing side and acquiring banks. We also support the latest card tokenization standards of Visa (VTS) and MasterCard. (MDES)

Built into your Booking Engine, SiteMinder PayDollar, PesoPay, and SiamPay put it all in one place saves you time and effort.


Boost revenue and save time with seamless payments

To sum up, businesses in the travel industry will soon embrace change and capitalize on the technological trends and coming evolution of digital commerce. To make business survivability in this challenging time, one must adapt to the ever-changing market and today’s digital consumers’ purchasing behavior.

Connect your hotel to a wider range audience with a smart booking engine powered by SiteMinder and AsiaPay to streamline the guest booking transaction and ensure hotel productivity in the post-pandemic world.