A safer, more convenient
alternative to cash payments.

India is a debit-friendly market. Debit cards allow locals to pay bills, shop online, and book reservations while offering greater control on spending. With PayDollar, you can accept online payments from over one billion debit card users in India anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Automate online payment collection with ease
Boost Online Sales
Drive Conversions

Most Indians prefer to shop with debit cards for its perks. Like credit cards, continuous usage comes with rewards.

Build a Positive Image
Guaranteed Revenue

Debit cards are considered ‘plastic cash’ because Indians use it to pay for transactions with money they already have.

Capture a Wider Market
Faster Approval Times

Unlike credit cards, debit card transactions are authorized immediately since customers are paying directly from their bank accounts.

Debit Cards Accepted

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Why Accept Debit Cards with PayDollar?

Connect With Major Banks

Connect With Major Banks

You’re ready to take payments from account holders of major banks in India when they get issued a debit card.